Our Story

Years ago when my mother was young, her parents owned and operated a small grocery store on the east end of Churchtown (Narvon, PA.) Along with their store, my grandpa had a truck that he used to delivery grocery items to the locals. My mother has fond memories of riding along and helping to make deliveries door to door.

Fast forward about 40 or 50 years. I, Daryl, grew up on a dairy farm in Morgantown, PA. I am the oldest of five kids. My parents still live on the farm, but have discontinued dairy farming. In 2000 I purchased a livestock transport business from a local fellow who transported animals for my parents. We currently provide service for roughly 400 dairy farms and many horse customers as well.

There are a number of our local farmers that not only produce milk, but also process milk for things like cheese, yogurt, sour cream… So I, along with my wife, began to develop the idea of bringing back “The Milkman” from yesteryear. The idea of delivering locally produced dairy products, baked items, fresh roasted coffee… to your DOORSTEP.

My wife and I have young children and we are excited about the convenience this service will offer to busy families in our area.