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Pennland Lanco (a Lancaster County based dairy cooperative) is a group of dairy farms that produce milk. The cooperative is comprised of farms within Lancaster and surrounding counties as well as a few farms in Maryland. The Pennland Lanco Coop was established in 1996 with a mission to help market dairy products that are regional in location to Lancaster county.

A few years ago Pennland Lanco purchased an existing cheese plant located in Hancock, Maryland. The goal was to diversify, develop a new brand and ultimately bring more value to their milk.

The new brand, Pennland Pure has seen success and has been gaining popularity in southeastern Pennsylvania and beyond. Pennland Pure has competed in various cheese competitions among US cheese makers as well as global competitors. Pennland Pure is proud to have place in the top 10 with a number of their entries.

If you are a cheese guru, keep your eye on this company. They are drawling attention in local and regional markets.

Doorstep Dairy is currently offering 4 varieties of the Pennland Pure cheeses. If you are located in our Home Delivery area, we would love to get some of this cheese to your Doorstep. Already a customer? You can log in HERE.

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