Suplee Hollow Cereals

  • Suplee Hollow Cereals
  • Honey Brook
  • PA, 19344

Suplee Hollow Cereals is a family owned business that has been licensed by the Pa Dept. of Agriculture to produce high quality cereals since 2011. Only the finest ingredients are used to produce our cereal and granola bars.

The grains are pre-soaked and dried before anything else is done. This helps increase the digestibility of the cereal. Grains that aren’t soaked before eating emit a gas that can cause a bloated full feeling. Pre-soaking the grains virtually eliminates any discomfort that comes from eating un-soaked grains.

Once the oats are dried they are run through a roller mill to the texture that is found in each bag of wholesome cereal. As soon as the oats are ground everything is mixed together and baked in an oven to exactly the correct t temperature until it’s toasted and ready to eat.

Here at Suplee Hollow Cereals we strive to maintain the highest quality and freshness for our customers. When the cereal is toasted to perfection it is immediately bagged and sealed before is loses any flavor.

We hope everyone enjoys our wholesome cereal and granola bars. And we will continue to strive for the excellence and quality that our customers expect and enjoy.

Our products

  • Organic Granola w/ Raisins

  • Organic Granola w/ Raisins & Almonds