Sweet Willy's Honey

Sweet Willy's Honey
  • Sweet Willy's Honey
  • Sinking Spring
  • PA, 19608

Sweet Willy’s is locally harvested, raw honey that began in a typical backyard setting. Growing up on a farm, I was always fascinated with honeybees. As mini “harvesters” of the land, I found it was amazing to watch them communicate with one another all for the common goal of building a successful hive. It was my curiosity in the habits of bees that led me into beekeeping.

I started as a beekeeper several years ago with two hives in my backyard in Sinking Spring, PA. I observed other local beekeepers and had moderate expectations for my own hives the first year. I hoped to harvest enough honey to provide my family with a taste of this new hobby I had taken on. After harvesting several pounds during the first year, it didn’t take long for this hobby to become an obsession.

Overtime, the two hives I started with have grown into many that I maintain in multiple locations in the Berks/Lancaster county areas. This past year, I harvested nearly 400 lbs. of honey from just three of my hives. Sweet Willy’s has become a staple in our household - just one taste and it will be part of yours as well!


Seasonal Allergy Protection: Consuming local, raw honey daily can provide relief from seasonal pollen related allergies.

Health & Wellness: Raw honey contains healthy antioxidants and phytonutrients not present in pasteurized honey sold in stores. It contains enzymes that help with digestion as well as many vitamins and minerals.

Medicinal Value: Used as a medicine, raw honey has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. It has been used effectively as a topical treatment for burns as well as a cough suppressant, even surpassing the results of over-the-counter cough treatments.

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