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At Yoder’s Country Market, we offer our Golden Guernsey milk in glass or plastic bottles. Golden Guernsey Milk is fresh from our farm and processed right here at our market. We also have over 10 different flavors of ice cream that are produced on the premises. Our family’s farm is located in Lancaster County along the foothills of the Welsh Mountains. The herd of registered Guernsey cows has been in our family for three generations.

Quality starts at the farm where our cows are given excellent care. They are fed a balanced diet of grain and hay, which enables them to produce high quality milk. The milk is brought to Yoder’s Country Market, fresh from the farm. Aside from offering fat free skim milk, 1 ½% reduced fat milk, and whole milk, we also create premium ice cream by slow-churning our Golden Guernsey milk with the ingredients of an old-fashioned recipe.

Our products

  • Plastic Milk Jugs

  • Glass Bottled Milk