2012 CSA 'Feelers'

Thanks for stopping by! I trust you’re here because you may have interest in having fresh local produce delivered…to your door! This spring will begin our (Doorstep Dairy) second year in working with (LFFC) Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op. The LFFC products have been a valuable addition to our home delivery customers.

Doorstep Dairy is a small company. We network with local farms and other food producers. We provide home delivery of their products to our custmers. All our items are listed on our on-line STORE. We feel it is important to link the consumer to the producer, so most of our items have a link back to the producers website when available.

The LFFC CSA delivery model is set up with multiple ‘pickup’ locations. A customer purchases a share/shares from LFFC. Each week the shares are delivered to pickup locations and the customer stops by and picks up their items. We at Doorstep Dairy have taken the service a step farther and offer shares delivered to your doorstep. While there is an additonal cost to this option, it does offer a great convenience to our customers.

LFFC has offered to refer customers that have interest in home delivery to Doorstep Dairy. So as the Spring/Summer season approaches, we would like to put our ‘feelers’ out, and get an idea of who would be interested in this service. There may be some areas to which we are unable to provide home delivery, but all feedback would be helpful in planning.

In additon to the LFFC Shares, we have a few of our own as well. The Polish Farmer’s Share, pierogies and other Polish foods delivered for 5 weeks (the 1st full week of each month June - October). Also the Cheese Samplers Share, 2 - 3 bars/blocks of cheese delivered for 5 weeks (also the 1st full week of the month June - October). Each month will spot light a different cheese maker from the Chester County Cheese Artisans.

Please take a minute and fill out the following form. This is not an offical order you are placing. We just what to know your location and what you may be interested in purchasing. The prices listed will be the prices for the 2012 Spring/Summer season.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

You can reach me, Daryl, at:

daryl@doorstepdairy.com OR 717-283-4060

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