Amos Miller Case

Amos Miller Case

In Local News - Lancaster, PA

Amos Miller had a hearing last week at the Lancaster County courthouse. Miller, a local Lancaster County farmer, has been accused by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture of violating Pennsylvania food safety laws regarding the sale of raw dairy products. Miller has had multiple encounters with the authorities over the years, and it appears that things may be coming to a ‘head’.

Miller’s business model is intriguing. He operates within a PMA (Private Membership Association). So rather than sell his food to the public, he sells it to his private members. Miller has private members all over the country. These private members are interested in the foods that Miller offers, largely (in my opinion) because he gives the customers what they want. Raw milk, raw milk cheeses, Keifer, butter, cream, yogurt, etc. Pennsylvania law does offer a Raw Milk license which allows the sale of raw milk and hard cheese (aged over 60 days) to the public. It does not allow the sale of other sought-after raw dairy products.

Grace aka ‘the Shepherdess’, is a sheep farmer from Texas. She is also a YouTuber who has been following the Amos Miller case. She visited Lancaster County last week and has been posting updates on her channel. Below is a video where she outlines the 4-hour hearing in about 8 minutes.

What are your thoughts on food freedom? Should the government have the final say as to what is safe for us to eat? Or, should individuals be able to make their own food choices?

I’m not a hunter, but two of my sons are. They can legally get a PA hunting license to hunt deer. We can butcher that deer on the farm (or take it to a butcher shop). We can legally prepare that meat in our home and feed it to our family. We can have guests over and feed them the meat. We can even take it to church for a potluck. However, the minute money is exchanged and the meat is sold…it is illegal. It is unsafe and poses a health hazard. The same can be done with raw milk. Serve it to my family, my guests, or at a potluck and there is no issue. Put it in a bottle and sell it and it’s a health hazard.

I would argue that illegal drugs are a health hazard too. Cocaine is illegal to sell and buy. If the seller or the buyer is caught…they will both be charged. But what about selling ‘unsafe’ food? Who gets charged when illegal food is bought or sold? It seems the weight of the law only falls on the seller.

Anyway, Pennsylvania is coming down hard on one of our local farmers. A farmer who is giving his private customers the products that they want. Products they are hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Did you know that there are only 7 states that allow raw milk to be sold in a retail setting? Pennsylvania is one of these states…so thanks for that PA:)

Did you know that we (Doorstep Dairy) also offer raw milk? We do, and we deliver it right to your Doorstep! We can only deliver within the state of Pennsylvania. We partner with the Oasis Creamery. They have a Pennsylvania Raw milk license which makes the milk safe and legal. (I say this with sarcasm). My personal opinion is that anyone who is selling raw milk to the public (legal or otherwise) is doing their due diligence to make sure they are offering a top-quality product to their customers. I am also of the opinion, that consumers are perfectly capable of vetting their own food choices and that government bureaucracy might not always have public safety as their primary priority. So, get out there and support a local farmer. Get to know them.

Thanks for letting me rant! I could say more…not today.

Okay, now for the fun stuff:) Easter is just around the corner! For the next several weeks we’ll have chocolate eggs and more on the menu…isn’t that exciting?

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