Buzz Words

Buzz Words

It’s a known fact…we are all sales people to some extent.

Maybe in the professional field you actually sell a product. Or maybe you didn’t know you were in sales. You are…trust me. Ever have a kid that wouldn’t eat his veggies? What do you do? You try to ‘sell him’ with any number of methods. ‘You want to grow up strong?’ You give him a reason to what to eat them. You hang the ‘proverbial carrot’ in front of him and hope he takes the bait. OR you might try the ‘Bribing Technic’. Eat your veggies and you can have an extra hour of screen time! Or you might even got the threatening route. Eat your veggies or else____________I’ll let you fill in the blank.

Or maybe you have a spouse. You most likely had to ‘sell each other’ on yourselves. No wise person jumps into a relationship without learning about the pros and cons of an individual (or maybe they do).

Regardless we all have something to sell. The saying goes ‘a poor sales person has skinny kids’. Probably a good bit of truth to that.

So how about what others are trying to sell you. Some humans have a subtle way of getting into the heads of others. In some cases this can seem freaky OR perhaps it could be called a talent or a gift. Shoot I might be trying to do that to you right now…whose to say:)

How about we consider some buzz words as they relate to food.

Local, non-gmo, grass-fed, happy cows, cage-free, free range, organic, antibiotic free, heritage breed, small farms, family farms, natural flavors, raw sugar, cane sugar, gluten-free, pastured, raw, grazed, etc.

These are just some examples of labels you will find food marketers using to cater to consumers. I know that labels are required to inform consumers but I would also argue that they are used to get into your head and persuade you to make a purchase.

I think there would be some people that would choose ‘local free-range’ Windex over over ‘conventional’ Windex.

I could be wrong:) My point is to not fall for fancy buzz words that may or may not mean any thing. The fact that a bottle of milk is labeled ‘Gluten-Free’ might just be a ploy to get you to buy. Pure milk is naturally gluten free. However it is important to note that some flavored milks may contain gluten. Or how about nut milks. Wait…I thought mammals produce milk. Either way. Did you know that a carton of almond milk contains about 2% almonds. Is that really enough to even call it an almond product? And calling it milk…well that’s a marketing thing there. The first ingredient in almond milk is Filtered Water. Maybe in would be more accurate to call it ‘almond water’. Of course there are many other ingredients added to make it the the drink that it is including: thickeners, sweeteners, emulsifiers, vitamins, flavoring, and protein.

Truth be told. I am kinda ‘slamming’ nut milks.

But I have a son who struggles with dairy. Makes his belly hurt. And we have had nut milks/water in our fridge. Last year however we found a local (yeah…i used that word) farm that offers lactose-free milk. This is a great option for him as he has a difficult time digesting lactose. However…were you to have a dairy allergy…this might not be a beneficial choice for you. And if you’re allergic to dairy…good chance you’re allergic to nuts. In that case…well…what am I…the answer man? In that case I’m sorry.

So this mornings random thoughts are courtesy of 2 cups of Costa Rica medium roast from our friends at Twin Valley Coffee.

This post was creating for the sole purpose of stimulating thought. No toes were intended to be stepped on:)


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