Doorstep Milk Boxes

Doorstep Milk Boxes

We get lots of questions about the milk boxes we offer. How big are they, do we need to purchase a milk box to be a Doorstep customer, how much do they hold, will they keep my items cold, etc.

So here a bit of info on our Doorstep Dairy milk boxes.

Our boxes are custom built by a McShane Welding and Metal Products located in Erie, PA. The boxes we order are made of galvanized metal and powder coated in white.These strong durable boxes are also insulated.

Insulation. The milk boxes are also insulated so your items can be kept cold for hours until you return home from work.* These boxes look great and will keep your items cold…however…most common coolers are going to keep your things cold just as well as these milk boxes. So as a Doorstep Dairy customer…you are not required to purchase one of our milk boxes. You are welcome to use any cooler you choose.


The Doorstep Dairy milk boxes are 17”H x 17”W x 13 1/4”. You can fit 9 half gallon bottles in this box and there is still almost 4 inches on top for additional items. Of course if 1 box is not large enough to hold all your items you are welcome to purchase a second one if you choose.

*In order to keep items cold ice or ice packs are necessary.


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