Glass Bottled Milk Update

Glass Bottled Milk Update

Hello Friends.

I’ll start by saying, ‘We need your input’.

In February of this year we lost our glass bottled milk supplier. Many of you have chosen to continue using our service by switching to our other milk brand…Kreider Farms. Many of you have also voiced your desire to again have a glass bottled milk option. So we have been on the ‘hunt’ for a suitable supplier.

Dairies that offer glass bottled milk are few and far between. And while there are a number of options located in our region, there have been various reasons to rule many of them out. Logistics being the largest challenge, ie. getting fresh milk to us in a timely manner to get it to you.

We have landed on a dairy that could meet our needs. I’d like to introduce you to them. Kilby Creamery.

-The ‘New’ Creamery-

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The ‘new’ dairy that we are considering is Kilby Creamery located in Rising Sun, Maryland. Kilby is located about a 1.5 hour drive from our location. This family owned farm has a herd consisting of Holsteins and Jersey cows. Their diet of grass, grain and protein is very similar to the glass bottled milk we carried in the past.

-The Logistics-

Kilby bottles milk every Monday. The tentative plan would be to pickup freshly bottled milk every Monday afternoon/evening and have it available for our home delivery routes for the remainder of the week. The 16 day ‘use by date’ will give us ample time to see that everyone receives fresh milk.

-Your Feedback-

Since we lost our glass bottle milk provider back in February, many of you have been satisfied to receive Kreider Farms milk (in plastic). NOTE: we plan to continue offering the Kreider Farms line of products. And some of you have opted to purchase glass bottled milk at the ‘Crunchy Joe’s’ food chain :). The price point at this food chain is around $5.50/half gallon. We are proposing a cost of $5.95/half gallon.

Before we add Kilby Creamery to our menu, we would like to hear from you!

1. We are well aware that the price of $5.95/half gallon is greater than the glass bottled option we had in the past. Is this a price that you are willing to pay for milk?

2. You may currently be receiving Kreider Farms milk (in plastic). This is a local Lancaster county milk that is priced very competitively. (currently $2.75/half gallon). Would this price difference be great enough that you would most likely choose to continue using the Kreider Farms milk?

Folks these are 2 questions that we would really value your feedback on. Taking on Kilby Creamery will add a sought after glass bottled milk option to your menu, it will also add more hours to our week AND the potential need for a larger truck to transport this product. IF the interest is here we will move forward with this plan.

Your feedback can be sent to:

Many thanks to you all for your support over the last nine years!

-Daryl Mast


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