Glass Bottles...coming soon!

Glass Bottles...coming soon!

Hey, who’s ready for a glass bottled milk option?

I know that many of you have been waiting patiently for this and I thank you. Also a big thanks to those of you that have shared encouragement and suggestions. My last post about this ‘Glass Bottled Milk Update’ seemed to get the attention of many. I was contacted by many milk companies hoping to fill the void we had. However…most did not offer a glass bottled option. There is much more that I could share about this…but I’ll save that for another time:)

I have opted to work with Trickling Springs Creamery (TS). TS is located in Chambersburg, PA. They are a co-op of farmers working together to produce and market their dairy products. They are a recognized and established brand that many will associate with premium quality.

The Products:

Initially we will offer a few core TS FarmFriend products. Nonfat, 2%, Whole and Chocolate Milk…only in glass half gallons. Perhaps more items in the future. TS offers 2 categories of milk: Organic and FarmFriend. The TS website outlines the differences between these 2 milks which I will say is minimal. The greatest difference is the Organic line has an organic certificate (obviously) and the cost is higher. TS requires that all of their farmers raise grass-fed animal, and that their diets only consist of non-gmo feeds. Doorstep Dairy already offers a certified organic option through Oasis Creamery. So we felt the better priced FarmFriend milk would be the best choice for us at this time.

The Cost:

We are setting the price of white milk at $4.99/ half gallon and the chocolate milk at $5.99/half gallon. (plus a fully refundable $2 bottle deposit for each bottle purchased).

The Transition:

We plan to have the TS milk available for delivery the 1st week in June. I would encourage you to log into your account now and add the TS milk to your Standing Order. We will continue to offer milk from both Kreider Farms and the Oasis Creamery. If the TS milk is replacing milk from one of these other farms…be sure clear them from your order. Please contact me if you have any questions or need help with this.

Order Deadline:

For now we will require orders to be finalized by 6:00 AM on Thursday. This would be for delivery the following week. Of course if you need to make a change after this time…please let me know and we’ll do our best to accommodate.


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