Good People...Have Good Perspective

Good People...Have Good Perspective

I and my team have been making home deliveries for over seven years now. For the most part we visit our customers once a week. Some people we never see. Some are there to receive their delivery every week. And others are hit and miss…you bump into them ‘now and then. Our presence at the doorstep every week gives us a ‘window’ into the lives of our customers. Some connections are stronger than others. And we know some customers better than others…or at least we think we do:)

This week I got a better idea of who one of our customers is. How he rolls. And a better idea of his perspective on life.

So we have been delivering to this particular family for a least 2 years. They have a young family. The dad has a home based business…so he is usually there when the delivery is made. And most weeks he is ready with a cash tip for the driver. This week the families delivery was on July 4th. During the delivery…Shawn (the delivery guy) asked about the family. Mr. Customer shared with Shawn that his wife had just been diagnosed with leukemia…and that she was currently in the hospital receiving treatment.

Well…I don’t need to tell you…that is pretty heavy stuff. This families life has just been turned upside down. So much pain and fear and questions….

The thing that got me was what happened next. Mr. Customer pulled out his bill fold and offered Shawn a tip for his service!! You know…this family is going to be okay. They have a dad that has perspective. His natural action is to think of others…despite the turmoil that must be consuming his life right now. When so much of his energy must be pointed inward…towards his family…he still has the mindset to think of others. To recognize that Shawn was working on a holiday to see that this family had their milk for the week!

It goes without saying that there is a lot in our world that looks bad. Plenty of reasons to be discouraged…to loss hope.

This week I was reminded that there are good people in the world. Good people that I have the privilege of connecting with. I know I miss it sometimes…I don’t always recognize or see the good that is there. But it is something I strive for and I hope you do too.

What good have you seen in others recently?


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