Have you herd?

Have you herd?

So here’s something unexpected that has evolved over the last few years. Doorstep Dairy has become the ‘go-to’ for child care centers! Yeah…not something I was promoting or trying for…but it has happened. Below are a few comments I have heard from people that you might find interesting. Especially interesting if you have kids in day care.

1. “The center that my child attends receives delivery from a large food distributor. The milk that is available to my child is a shelf-stable, non-refrigerated product. (Yuk!) My wife and I choose to send milk that we drink at home…along with our child each day.” - a parent

2. “Our center does not provide any meal options” -a parent

3. “I stop by the grocery store a few times a week to pickup milk for our center. Or I send one of my staff out for it. It can be very time consuming.” -child care center owner

Doorstep Dairy offers a fresh local milk. Competitively priced and delivered directly to your cooler each week!

So…if you’re child is in day care…and you think Doorstep might be a benefit for everyone…let me know. Or better yet…here’s a LINK you can share with your day care center!


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