Home Delivery...for the birds!

Home Delivery...for the birds!

Why would someone use our service? Spend a bit more for the convenience of have fresh and local food delivered to their doorstep. I’ve heard many reasons and they’re all good. Things like:

-We want to support local farmers

-We love the convenience

-When we were young we had a milkman…we want our kids to experience it too

But here’s a reason that takes the cake (er…the pie).

We have a couple that has been on our route for years. Their order varies somewhat…milk, juice, cream, etc. But always…every week there is a shoofly pie included in the order. To date this couple has received 192 shoofly pies! And what’s even more interesting is…they don’t eat it! Now you might think it would be for their children then. You would be wrong.

It is for Katie. Yup…Katie gets a slice a day. Katie moved in with these kind folks over 20 years ago. Katie is a parrot.

So there you have it. Home delivery can be for your pets too!

What interesting things do you do with your delivered Doorstep items?

Order your shoofly pie…and more HERE (order form closes at noon today)


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