The warm weather months add a new challange to home milk delivery. In the winter months we can set your bottles right on your doorstep and they are good for hours. (as long as they don’t freeze and crack…that is another challange). This year we are adding an 8 lbs. bag of ice to our store. You can now add a bag to your recurring order or week to week as you need. Of course you can add you own ice or cold packs if you like. We will try to carry a few extra bags to cover you if you forget.

Also it will be important to be sure you have a cooler out for you delivery. Everyone forgets sometimes and we understand that. One option would be to purchase one of our vintage style milk boxes for your porch. These boxes can be left out all year long…you don’t need to bring it in every week and remember to set it out.

Thanks for you help!


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