June is Dairy Month

June is Dairy Month

June is Dairy Month. Since it’s inception in the 1930’s farmers and consumers have been celebrating milk! It is a push to show appreciation to our dairy farmers across this great nation. So what are you doing to celebrate?

Here are few ideas:

1. Ice Cream Contest

  • This could be an ice cream eating contest hosted in your back yard.
  • An ice cream ‘Freeze-Off’ .Everyone bring an ice cream freezer and their favorite homemade ice cream recipe.
  • The ice cream trough. Think stock tank or water trough…with ice cream.

2. Milk Shakes

  • Ice cream, yogurt, and some fresh fruit in the blender…be creative
  • Visit your local ice cream shop and slurge

3. Get to know a farmer

  • If you don’t know any farmers…google local farmers markets in your area. Find a dairy farmer on the list and reach out to them. Good chance they won’t bite. Even better chance they will welcome you to visit their farm.
  • Take a selfie with a bottle of your favorite local milk. Post it on social media and tag the dairy…see what happens.

4. Treat your Co-workers

  • Order some pints of chocolate milk from your local home delivery company (preferably Doorstep Dairy) and treat your team at work. We can even add a cooler and some ice so it’s easy!
  • Take a grill to work and treat everyone to burgers for lunch. Of course you would need to include cheese for this one to count.

5. Give Some

  • Did you know that milk is one of the things that most food banks do not offer their clients? Commit to supplying your local food bank with milk for the month … better yet … for the year! Doorstep Dairy can help you with that too!

These are just a few ideas. Be creative. Be supportive.

And milk it for all it’s worth!


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