Life after Doorstep Dairy

Life after Doorstep Dairy

Life After Home Milk Delivery

I never thought in a million years that going to the store to get milk would ever be such a burden. The reality of this really hit me when I took a full time job with a local online restaurant supply company, and no longer got to see Daryl’s smiling, milk delivering face everyday. Many of you reading this right now are probably Doorstep Dairy customers and you don’t have to deal with this issue. For those of you who aren’t Doorstep Dairy customers - I’m telling you from experience your life could be easier. My name is Evan Mellott, you may remember me from such hits as the post below this one about Zook’s Chicken Pies, and former milkman / still marketing guy for Doorstep Dairy.

When I hear my wife say “Babe, we are getting low on milk, could you pick some up on your way home?”- FIRST is the state of shock that I was called “Babe”, SECOND is the pit of despair in my stomach at having to stop at the store for this normal milk. Like, I literally loathe it. Actually, loathe might not be a strong enough adjective - I HATE going to the store to get milk. There are usually no glass bottles, no organic or raw options. It’s just regular milk. Granted, it’s not all bad, but once you have had the best - it’s hard to go back.

Here is what I’ve noticed since Doorstep Dairy:

  • Even if the store is 5 minutes away from your house, your trip will still take 45 minutes
  • You always will have a shopping list, no matter when your last trip to the store was
  • Sometimes the store is out of the milk you are looking for, especially during winter
  • Every gallon of milk you look at seems close to expiration.
  • You seem to need milk every 2 days
  • You overbuy milk so you can avoid going back to the store, milk goes bad
  • No matter what milk & items you bring home, you forgot something
  • Once you are in the store, you will find items that are on sale, and you will buy them
  • The above action causes you to spend more money than you originally planned
  • Seriously, no glass milk?

In conclusion, if you live in Doorstep Dairy’s areas and are considering home delivery, I would strongly suggest it! Especially if you are a milk-consuming family like mine. You can always count on the milk being fresh and delivered to your door once a week. In this not-enough-time-in-a-day world we live in, this is one way to simplify and automate the process of having milk in your refrigerator. You won’t be disappointed!


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