Limited Delivery Service

Limited Delivery Service

Next month the folks at Doorstep are going to take a few days off. Yeah…like vacation…close our doors…recharge…make some memories with our families. So make a note of it and I’ll be sure to send some reminders between now and then.

October 1st - October 7th limited deliveries will be made.

Limited meaning…some deliveries will be made.

If you have pre-ordered/pre-paid for one of our Spring/Summer CSA items you will receive a delivery. ie. Farm Shares - Rooster & Hen Sizes, and the Fruit Share. Also if you are one of our many wholesale accounts ie. preschool, coffee shop, convent, diner, kitchen, etc….you will receive your delivery.

All deliveries will be combined into one day. Wednesday, October 4th.

I will be contacting you the week before to finalize your orders.

Thank you all for you flexibility as we make some time off a priority.


PS. the dog pic was just to get your attention…and I thought it was pretty cute too!


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