Looking Back

Doorstep Dairy started out as an idea, then a dream, and now has become a reality. It has brought back many memories, good memories, of a time when life was a bit simpler. When you could borrow a few eggs from your neighbor without thinking twice. When most kids walked to school. Your phone was a party line - remember that?

From 1950 - 1965 my grandparents owned a small grocery store. Grandma looked after the store, and Grandpa delivered his goods door to door. He told me when he would get a new customer, he would give them a bright orange 3’X5” card. This was to be placed in the customers window on delivery days. If the card was in the window, he would pass by them that week. If there was no card, he would stop.

Another fellow remembers walking to school in the winter. He would look for a house with fresh milk setting on the steps. If it was cold enough and the milk had set out long enough, it would start to freeze. Back then milk was not homogenized, so all the cream would go to the top. As the milk would freeze, it would push the cap off and the cream would push up out of the bottle. When a bottle like this was spotted, he would help himself to a bit of frozen cream, then continue on to school.

Different things stick out to different people. How the milkman was dressed. The sound of glass bottles clinking together. The way the truck looked. How orders where taken. The role bad weather played.

I find all these stories fascinating.

If your reading this and you have a memory, great or small. Go ahead and share it.

There’s no telling whose face you might bring a smile to!


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