Remember the Milkman?

milkman and pie man hanging outHome milk delivery is a thing of the past, why try to bring it back now?

I think it’s a good question. I think now is a great time to bring back the milkman.

It’s interesting to look back in time a bit and observe the supermarket. link to history

Supermarkets really started to become popular in the 50’s and 60’s. And as things go, urban communities had them first and then they grew to more rural locations. Before supermarkets, most communities had small ‘mom and pop’ stores selling mostly dry goods and non-perishables. Then you had a butcher to supply you with meat, a local baker for your bread, and you guessed it, a milkman.

With the introduction of supermarkets, all these goods and services were combined under one roof. This consolidation affected the food industry in different ways, good and bad. It offered more items in a common location for a more competitive price. Folks didn’t need to drive to the bakery and the butcher and the dry goods store. Everything was in one location.

The flip side was that the small food service businesses could not compete, and ultimately fell by the wayside. The personal connection people once had with the origin of their food was beginning to erode. And we start to see that bigger is not always better.

So again you may ask, why bring back home milk delivery?

I believe that more people would like to know where their food is coming from. And supporting the local agricultural community is more desirable then supporting a big brand from a mystery location.

Almost all of the products that Doorstep Dairy offers are picked up directly from the producer. All of our producers are small scale family owned businesses. Meaning that the product you receive on your doorstep, was bottled, baked, roasted,… the owner of the business. It’s in the owners best interest to put out a premium product, because after all, their business and reputation are on the line.

So is home milk delivery what the public wants?

Let the people speak!


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