Save PA Dairy Farms

Save PA Dairy Farms

A few weeks ago I touched on the plight of the dairy industry. I also shared how some are trying to ‘shine a light’ on how much they enjoy farming through social media. #dairydanceoff

Today I wanted to share a practical way that you can help.

The food situation in our world has remained pretty much the same for a long time. There are areas of the globe that have an abundance of food and then there are those areas where people are starving. I guess there are probably many reasons for this…but I see it as largely a logistics issue.

I see a similarity with the US dairy industry. Again there are many issues at play here. Bottom line there is a surplus of milk in our state and in our country. A large portion of our population enjoys milk on a daily basis if we choose. However there are those that are restricted from dairy for any number of reasons. It’s true that the government has it’s hands in getting dairy to those that are ‘less fortunate’. However this is largely restricted to reduced and low-fat options. Both taste and nutritional value is compromised with these options. The consumption of local whole milk will not only benefit the consumer but also help out the local dairy farmers.

Can we move the needle?

Change needs to begin at a local level before it can move the needle on a national industry. I have been meeting with other dairy advocates to discuss how change can be made locally in our communities. We are working with 3 concrete issues here:

1. There is a surplus of milk.

2. There are people right here in our communities that could benefit from this milk.

3. The logistics of getting surplus milk to those in need … needs to be solved.

Obviously there are many issues that surround each of these 3 points. Our goal here is to move more milk and help others in the process.

Here’s how you can help

Local food banks throughout our state already have logistical systems in place to move and distribute food. There a Lancaster based non-profit that already exists to help serve the less fortunate. Food, clothing, transportation to/from work, emergency shelter, and more. The Lancaster County Counsel of Churches is now accepting donations to help fund milk distribution within Pennsylvania. To make a donation go to the DONATE link. Enter MILK DRIVE in the comments box so your money goes towards saving our local farms. Funds that are received for the ‘milk drive’ will be used to purchase local whole milk for those in need.

Other ways you can help

Buy milk and donate it yourself. I have had people order milk from Doorstep Dairy and have it delivered to food pantries in their neighborhoods. We’ll give you the best price we can.

Learn more about the local dairy industry by requesting to join the Facebook group: Save PA Dairy Farms


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