Shout Out!

I wanted to give a shout out to all those who helped make ‘Share the Love’ possible. We had a blast making the special Valentine’s Day deliveries. We were able to raise nearly $1400 for our two charities: the Dana Goebel Fund and Make-A-Wish Foundation.

So first shout goes out to Will and Wes Longacre, my cousins and ‘partners in crime’. They helped to deliver the singing telegrams. What fun to embarass someone with a sappy love song! Will and Wes are part of the band NavyBlue. They provide musical entertainment for weddings, corprate events, and other social gatherings.

Next is Yoder’s Country Market who provided us with glass quart bottles of chocolate milk. Who doesn’t love a good bottle of chocolate milk?

Then, of course, you can’t have a Valentine’s Day event without flowers. Trisha’s Flowers from East Earl hooked everyone up with a beautiful rose! Thanks, Trish!

Next we have September Farm Cheese. They donated a bar of Chocolate Fudge Cheese to go with each delivery. Thanks!

And let’s not forget PMD (Philip Meissner Design). He gets credit for the flyer and branding that went into the event. He also gets all the credit for the Doorstep Dairy website, DD branding, laying out the signage on our delivery truck and more! Thanks Phil! You da man!

Thanks to Justin Finneran from the Tri-County Record for your front page story!

And the final shout out goes to all you folks that made generous donations to the Dana Goebel Fund and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Thanks to everyone for helping to ‘Share the Love’!


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