The Bakery Is Closing

So, I spoke with Eli, the owner of Sunnyside Pastries this week. He told me that the bakery will be closing next week. Not to worry though. Eli and his family are Amish, and one of his daughters is getting married next week. In keeping with the Amish tradition, the wedding will take place at the brides parents home. So they have chosen to close up shop for the week.

The week before Thanksgiving seems like a foolish time of year to close a business for a week, but then it does go to show where their priorities are. You can read more about Amish weddings and other traditions at Amish Country News . Also here’s a clip Explaining the Amish Way of Life. Here you can view an Amish Barn Raising. Clip from the 1985 movie Witness starring Harrison Ford.

Baked goods will be available again on Friday November 26th.

Just so you know, the cream pies will still be available. They are made by another business in New Holland, Pa.


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