The MIlkmans Girl

The MIlkmans Girl

Character abounds in this family we’ve made!

This experience of life never would I trade.

For things that others have.

For things that others have made.

Y2K was the year we set things into motion

A visit to Hershey Candy Lane caused a commotion

Trips to Virginia to visit you in school

A 13 month engagement seemed oh so cruel

But when the time arrived on that rainy day in May

I said ‘I do’ and so did you which made for a happy day!

Social work and dairy seemed to be our path in life

So busy our life seemed … never did we fight!

Kids began to come for some unexplainable reason:)

This really changed our life and gave people reason for teasin’

“He’s the milkman’s baby” you would say

And smiles would abound and you would make someones day!

Five boys all day long for a stay at home mom

Can be very draining… like a sad country song

The challenges before us sometimes make you cuss

But we’ll make it I know…we’ll make…we must!

So today I say thanks for the part that you’ve played

In the family we’ve built and the memories we’ve made

May chocolate and sunshine follow today

I love you Mrs. Mast….Happy Birthday!


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