The Polish Farmers

I am pleased to officially introduce the Polish Farmers. They offer a variety of traditional and not so traditional Polish foods. Their signature offering is a long list of almost every kind of pierogi you can imagine! Tom and Donna, founders of the Polish Farmers, have a tradition of making pierogies with their family every year before Christmas. They started experimenting with more non-traditional flavors and found them to be quite tasty. Family, friends, and coworkers started asking Tom and Donna to make pierogies for them. As they saw the demand for their product increasing, they decided to turn it into an official business. They are now officially licensed, inspected and ready to do business with the public.

I sat down Tom a few months ago to learn more about their business and their products. And also to explore the possibility of the Polish Farmers supplying pierogies to the Doorstep Dairy community. Tom gave us a generous amount of samples and we were hooked. Whether it’s the traditional potato and cheese, egg and bacon, taco, smores……..they are all equally amazing! You just need to try them for yourself. And Tom and Donna are going to give you that option.

The Polish Farmers are offering Doorstep Dairy customers a choice of 1 of 3 Free Pierogi Samplers. The sampler will include a total of four pierogies. See the DD Store for details. This offer is good for all customers that have a delivery scheduled for Friday December 3rd. Please pick only 1 of the 3 options.

Along with your free sampler you may also purchase additional pierogies by the dozen. We have them divided into three different categories: Meat, Dessert, and Veggie/Cheese. All pierogies are handmade and immediately frozen to preserve freshness. Pierogies can be fried in butter, deep fried, baked or grilled.


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