the 'Waiting List'

the 'Waiting List'

Everything Has Changed

In the 10 years that Doorstep Dairy has been in existence, we have never had a waiting list. If a new customer signed up in one of our delivery areas, we were always able to assign them to a route almost immediately. This has all changed.

In order for us to continue offering great service to our existing customers, it has become necessary for us to put new customers on a waiting list. We are working at increasing our delivery capabilities, and hope to have many of you assigned to a route soon. One of our plans is to create some temporary weekend routes, with the goal of integrating these routes into a weekday delivery at some point down the road. Additional equipment and personnel is also necessary.

What to Expect When I Signup

Just a note about our signup process. When you fill out our Signup Form, you are automatically put on our waiting list.(there is no automatic confirmation email that is sent out when you signup) When you are assigned to a delivery day and route, you will receive a Welcome Email from us as well as a phone call. You will also be prompted to activate your account. (NOTE, this could be several weeks after you signup).

Thank You

A big thank you to all of our great supporters! Our delivery times have not been consistent, we have sold out and shorted you on product, we have switched up some product brands, we have required you to order earlier, we switched delivery days on some of you, we’ve made some accounting errors…..and still the kindness and understanding you have shown to me and our team has been outstanding! All I can say is Thank You for your support and your understanding.


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