Updated Payment Terms

To date we have been on a monthly billing cycle. You receive deliveries for a month, we send out an invoice for the months deliveries, payment is due by the 15th of the following month. This has worked okay although cash flow is a big down side. 

So beginning in October we will be switching to a weekly billing cycle. An invoice will be created the day after your delivery. This will be emailed to you OR if you prefer a hard copy it will be mailed or hand delivered the following week. Each Friday our auto-pay process will run. Your credit card OR bank account will be charged.(ACH) * If you are still paying bills with hand written checks…you will have 14 days to make your payment. 

Thanks for your understanding as we implement these changes. If you ever have any questions about your invoice, the product, or anything else please let me know.

Email: Daryl@DoorstepDairy.com OR call: 717-283-4060

*ACH payments are the most cost effective way for us to receive payment. Credit card payments cost us the most. Wanna help us save a few bucks? Choose the ACH option. Regardless of what method you choose…we will still be friends!


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