Veggies...a la carte

There is a bit of a logistical challenge when it comes to making specific veggies available on short order. In order to have the most accurate list of available items we are going to have to make a few changes. Most of the farmers we work with are Amish and do not make the most of current technology. So information can travel a bit slower than most folks are accustom too. 

Here is a solution that I think will work.

1. Each Friday morning the menu will be updated with items that are available for the following weeks delivery.

2. An email blast*, FaceBook, and twitter message will be sent out to alert you that the list has been updated.

3. Use the form below for your a la carte order.

You will only have a few hours to place your order. This will give you ‘up-to-date’ availability for what you can get for the following week.

Why use a separate form to place these orders? Our online store has a noon order deadline on Friday….the A La Carte form will give you a few more hours to make your selection for the following week.

*You can sign up for our email blast HERE.

Fill out my online form.


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