"We Don't Drink Milk"

Lactose Intolerance is a real thing for some people. Some folks just don’t feel good when they consume dairy products. And the level of discomfort can vary greatly. Some people will ‘sneak’ a bit of ice cream or a sip of milk now and then because they love it and are willing to deal with the discomfort. Others will steer clear of dairy all together…and probably for good reason too.

Years ago I had a family ask if I would deliver ‘nut milk’ (FYI - nuts don’t make milk…mammals do). One of their kids was not able to enjoy their weekly milk delivery because of his Lactose Intolerance. They wanted something ‘special’ for him too on delivery day. So I added Almond milk to the menu.

Three years ago one of my sons was born with an intolerance to lactose. Breast milk was not a problem…but when he got older and tried ice cream, cheese, and cows milk…he had stomach issues. So our family began adding ‘Nut Water’ to our weekly order. As he has gotten older he is now able to consume more dairy without adverse affects.

So why are so many people plagued with an intolerance to dairy?

Lactose is the sugar in milk. Humans have an enzyme called Lactase in their body that breaks down Lactose into two simple forms, glucose and galactose. This allows for the body to digest the milk. Many people don’t produce an appropriate amount of the Lactase enzyme to properly digest Lactose. So their body experiences a variety of ‘lovely’ side effects. Flatulence, bloating, cramps, and what we in this part of Pennsylvania refer to as….’Hershey Squirts’! Not fun stuff. Anyway…moving on. It is said that 75% of the worlds population is effected by the enzyme shortage…so you are not alone.


So our friends at Kreider Farms have just rolled out a new milk product that is 100% Lactose Free. All other ‘name brand’ lactose free milks are UHT (Ultra-High Temp) processed products. This is fine if you are okay with milk that lasts for 6 weeks or more and doesn’t spoil. (I’ll do a post about this sometime - low-temp vs high-temp pasteurization) Kreider Farms is the only farm in the USA that offers Farm Fresh Lactose Free milk! Pretty amazing I think.

So how do they make Lactose Free milk? …glad you asked!

All milk has the sugar Lactose. So the basic process is to add the Lactase enzyme to the milk. This causes the sugar to breakdown before you consume the milk. Easy Peasy!

So give it a try. It’s good stuff. It’s fresh. And you might be able to enjoy fresh milk without a hitch!


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