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Click here for a chance to view what you can expect in your Weaver’s Fruit Box next week. This will be delivered on your specific delivery day on the week of Monday, February 11th. If you have signed up for the 12 week Fruit Share no need to do anything. Otherwise click on over to the STORE and add a box or two to your Dashboard!

Weaver's Orchard

What’s In My Box?


Fruit Item

Our own homegrown Fuji! This apple is very sweet, firm and juicy!


APPLE: Pink Lady
Our own homegrown Pink Lady. This apple may be tart, but it is juicy and very flavorful.


APPLE: Granny Smith
Our own homegrown Granny Smith ! This apple is firm and tart


ORANGE: Large Naval
It is that time of the year to buy oranges. These oranges are sweet and juicy.


ORANGE: Minneolas
These oranges reflect a tangerine and are full of flavor.


PEARS: D’Anjou
This pear is delicious and perfect for a snack.


PEARS: Royal Forelle
This pear is small, sweet and beautiful in appearance.



Of course this fruit must be included!


White Nectarines
This nectarine offers a nice break from



This is still our own homegrown sweet and juicy gala apple.


Our own homegrown! This apple is sweet and delicious.


Since it is during the winter time, we do not always know exactly what we are going to have so one of the pieces of fruit in your box will be a urprise.


This week the healthy snack is a 100 calorie bag of apple chips. They have a sweet crunch in every bite.


03/16/13~2013 Spring/Summer Share Options~Fresh Food = GOOD! Fast Food = BAD! Lettuce help.~Community Supported Agriculture~

Spring will soon be here and we’re offering some great share options again this year! Seasonal veggies, fruit, and flowers are back again this year.

The 2013 Spring/Summer Veggie Share runs for 25 weeks again this year. Flowers and Bread are a bit less.

Below are a list of available shares along with a description.

Full Vegetable Share

May – October, 25 Deliveries OR 12 Bi-Weekly Deliveries
9 to 12 Items Weekly

If you want to experience the great diversity of vegetables available in the Mid-Atlantic region’s peak growing season this is the share type for you. We love growing and experimenting with a healthy dose of unique and heirloom varieties. We hope that you are equally as enthusiastic. But don’t be mistaken, the cooking staples like onions, garlic, zucchini and tomatoes are just as exciting to us and will be provided in abundance. The full veggie share is suitable for couples with a diet centered on vegetables for every meal, families (4-6 people) who use veggies as a side dish with meals and/or motivated culinary enthusiasts.

Half Vegetable Share

May – October, 25 Deliveries OR 12 Bi-Weekly Deliveries
4 to 8 Items Weekly

This share is built to strike a balance for those who typically cook two to four times a week and prefer the traditional kitchen staples. The Half Share delivers fewer varieties of vegetables weekly, but includes the same quantity per vegetable variety as a Full Share. Each week brings quality produce including lettuce, cabbage, onions, beets, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes and more. Our half veggie share is suitable for singles, small families (2-3 people) using the share mainly for veggie side dishes, students, and/or new culinary enthusiasts.

Flower Share

June – October, 20 Deliveries
1 Bouquet, Weekly

The beauty of summer blooms in bright colors and delightful scents. Bouquets are assembled at several of our member farms using fresh cut flowers. Varieties include but are not limited to: Echinacea, Zinnia, Celosia, Mexican Sage and Golden Rod. A perfect addition to your living environment.

Fruit Share

May - October, 25 Deliveries sourced from Weaver’s Orchard - Morgantown, PA

Each week you will receive a box of 14 - 16 varieties of fruit plus a healty snack!

Weaver’s Orchard is committed to featuring their own homegrown fruit with some other fruits that are from local farms as the majority of what you will receive each week. However, they may also include some classic items that are not local but still very much in season, fresh and delicious.

What’s inside the box?

PLEASE NOTE: The same Fruit Box is also available for purchase each week…the cost is a bit more.

Bakers Choice - Bread Share

The Baker’s Choice is your chance to try a variety of breads from the Wonderful Good Market at Stoudt’s. If your a fan of bread and enjoy a surprise each week, this is for you. Stoudt’s offers a wide variety of breads. This share lasts for 13 weeks. Beginning the week of May 6th - July 29th. If after 13 weeks you what more you will have the option for another 13 weeks!

PLEASE NOTE: some but not all varieties of Stoudt’s bread are available for purchase on a week by week basis…the cost is a bit more.

Vegetable Shares begin the week of Monday, May 13th (25 deliveries)

Bi-Weekly Vegetable Shares begin the week of Monday, May 13th or 20th…you will be notified.

Fruit Shares begin the week of Monday, May 13th - Monday, October 28th (25 deliveries)

Flower Share begins the week of Monday, June 3rd - Monday, October 14th (20 deliveries)

Bread Share begins the week of Monday, May 13th - Monday, August 5th (13 deliveries)

To participate in the full season, order and full payment must be received before Friday, April 26 2013. Orders after this date will be pro-rated. Please pay for these items with a check or money order. Checks should be made out to Doorstep Dairy. Mail to: PO Box 297 Terre Hill, PA 17581

To order you may submit the form below. If you already have an account set up with us you can also log in and place your order there.

Please direct all questions to Daryl Mast. daryl@doorstepdairy.com OR 717-283-4060.

Fill out my online form.



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