Winter CSA 2012

Doorstep Dairy and


Are happy to bring you….the 2012 WINTER CSA

Even in the winter: Supporting Local, Sustainable and Organic is possible. Introducing – Our first ever Winter Share!

Kick off the new year with one or more of our share options. Deliveries will begin the week of January 16th.
Not only will you continue to receive our fresh and nutritious vegetables (5-9 in-season items) but you will also have a weekly or bi-weekly installment of Dairy, Eggs, Pantry and Vegan options. Additionally, shares of Grass Fed Beef and Pork, Chicken and Bread may be reserved for an added value. Eating locally is now more accessible in the winter than ever!

All shares listed are available to our current customers. Submit the order form. Your order will be added to your monthly bill. If you are not a current customer, or live outside our current delivery area, delivery may still be an option. Contact to see about delivery.

Please note that the items available here are through the Lancaster Farm Fresh Coopertive. Partnering with LFFC gives us (Doorstep Dairy) many more choices in food items to offer our customers. In the future we hope to make more of these items available to our customers for week to week ordering. Enjoy!

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$430.00 for 10 weeks of:Vegetables – Dairy – Eggs – Vegan Products


All categories are either subject to the seasonal availability OR a la carte. Seasonal availability means you will receive items that are the most fresh and also most plentiful to us. A la carte means you will have the choice to select your item.

Produce – Weekly
(subject to availability)
As temperatures drop so does the variety of vegetables available in our climate zone. But, rest assured, the earth still has plenty of bounty. Some crops are hardy enough to survive without any assistance. Others are sheltered in passive solar greenhouses which have been winterized to insulate them better.

Here are some items from the local, seasonal harvest that you can expect.

* Micro Greens
* Baby Greens – Kale, Spinach, Lettuce, Collards and Mustard
* Root – Carrots, Turnips, Beets, Radishes
* Potatoes – Yukon Gold and Sweet
* Jerusalem Artichokes

Dairy – Weekly

(select one item each week)

Featuring a wide variety of dairy (and Non-dairy) items, this category has a selection for everyone. The milk is coming from grass-fed cows and goats. For those in Pennsylvania we offer the unpasteurized goodness of raw milk. If you love the rich complexity of yogurt you will surely enjoy the offering from Seven Stars Farm in Plain or Vanilla flavors. Butter made the old-fashioned way can sometimes put a welcomed emphasis on a dish and that’s exactly what you can expect from Natural by Nature. Our animal products are sourced locally from our trusted producers while we have selected the best nationally recognized vegan options available.


Whole Milk, Cow, Raw, Certified Organic (Pennsylvania only) 64oz Dutch Meadow

Whole Milk, Cow, Pasteurized, Certified Organic 64oz Natural by Nature

2% Milk, Cow, Pasteurized, Certified Organic 64oz Natural by Nature

Whole Milk, Goat, Raw (Pennsylvania only) 64oz Dove Song Dairy

See below for Non-Dairy Milk

Yogurt, Cow, Plain, Certified Organic 32oz Seven Stars Farm

Yogurt, Cow, Vanilla, Certified Organic 32oz Seven Stars Farm

See below for Non-Dairy

Butter, Cow, Salted, Certified Organic 1lb Natural by Nature

See below for Non-Dairy Butter

Cheese, Cow (styles subject to availability) 8oz Hope Spring, PA Noble, Green Acres

Cheese, Goat (styles subject to availability) 8oz Dove Song Dairy, Misty Creek, Apple Tree

See below for Non-Dairy Cheese


Almond Milk, Plain, Certified Organic 64oz Blue Diamond

Almond Milk, Vanilla, Certified Organic 64oz Blue Diamond

Rice Milk, Plain, Whole Grain, Certified Organic 32oz Good Karma

Coconut Yogurt, Plain 16oz SoDelicious

Buttery Spread (contains soy) 15oz Earth Balance

Shredded Cheese, Cheddar (soy-free) 8oz Daiya

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Egg or Tofu – Bi-Weekly

(select one item every other week)

In the cold of winter nothing quite surpasses the simple pleasure of an egg - fried, scrambled or hardboiled – from a pasture-raised chicken. These eggs are especially nutrient dense because they come from hens that are allowed to forage on several acres of our member farms. When the heavy weather hits, the hens will be protected in the coop and their feed will be supplemented. If eggs aren’t your thing then opt for the tofu which is locally produced by Fresh Tofu, Inc. in small batches and, as the name states, very fresh!

Egg, Chicken, Certified Organic 1 doz LFFC member farm

Tofu, Certified Organic 15.5oz Fresh Tofu, Inc.

Pantry – Bi-Weekly

(subject to availability)

Created by Lancaster Farm Fresh in-house processing facilities these staples of the cupboard are the perfect additions to your meal. Using family recipes, all these products utilize the local and sometimes regional surplus of the summer growing season. * All Pantry Items Are Vegan

Jam, Blueberry / Red Raspberry / Strawberry 8oz Oakview Acres – LFFC member farm

Applesauce, Certified Organic 32oz Bowman Mountain Applesauce Company – LFFC member farm

Applesauce, Cinnamon, Certified Organic 32oz Bowman Mountain Applesauce Company – LFFC member farm

Apple Butter 8oz Oakview Acres – LFFC member farm

Sauerkraut, Certified Organic 32oz Oakview Acres – LFFC member farm

Relish, Hot Pepper, Certified Organic 8 oz Oakview Acres – LFFC member farm

Horseradish, Certified Organic 8oz Oakview Acres – LFFC member farm

Winter Veggie Only Shares

5 Week Shares: Week of January 16 - Week of February 13

5 weekly deliveries of 5 - 9 Certified Organic seasonal vegetables. $140

10 Week Shares: Week of January 16 - Week of March 19

10 weekly deliveries of 5 - 9 Certified Organic seasonal vegetables. $280

While the standard share is a great foundation for pulling through the winter, there are more local products to round-out your one-of-a-kind CSA. Whether its non-GMO fed Beef, Pork and Chicken or hand-made breads – these shares will complete your meal. All packages are available for an additional cost.

Beef & Pork – Once Monthly

(subject to availability)

When it comes to meat we take the same care in raising our cows and pigs as we do for our vegetables. The beef will be from Angus breed cows that have been grass-fed and grass finished. They graze on local pastures and have not been given any hormones or antibiotics. Our pork comes from heritage breed hogs and will include chops, sausages and kielbasa which are sure to impress your tongue and your nose. During the season you may anticipate 3 deliveries of 4-5 select cuts of Beef and Pork. All charcuterie items are free from: artificial preservatives, artificial additives, nitrates and nitrites.

Examples of meat share items and weights, listed below. * A Pork Free option is available

* 2 Packages Ground Beef – 2 lbs.

* 1 Package Beef Cubes – 1 lb.

* 1 Package Pork or Beef Sausage – 1.1 lbs.

* 1 Package Beef or Pork Roast – 3-5 lb


To be delivered weeks 3, 6 & 9

Chicken – Once Monthly

(select one item for entire season)

A heritage breed Freedom Ranger, which will come in 4.5 – 5 lb. weight. The Freedom Ranger is known for its super or taste – a favorite of gourmet chefs.

To be delivered weeks 3, 6 & 9

Bread –Weekly

(subject to availability)

Using organic, locally sourced and milled wheat, plus all organic ingredients, each week will feature a different style of bread hand-made nearby in the city of Lancaster by A Loaf of Bread Bakery. Rustic French, Italian, Multi-Grain & Sour Dough are just some of their hearth-style varieties offered. The dough is their specialty and it takes 2-3 days to mix, ferment and bake each loaf. The final weight will be one pound.

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