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Lancaster Deliveries Begin 2016

For the first time in Doorstep Dairy history...we will be offering home delivery to parts of Lancaster County. WooHoo!

We are firm believers in starting small and growing slowly. After all, the turtle wins…every time I read the book:)

This September we are dedicating 1 truck, 1 driver, and 1 day to home deliveries in part of Lancaster County. Why only ‘part’ of the county you say? Well to offer delivery to all of Lancaster County initially would spread us too thin. We have 3 areas highlighted on the map below. It is our goal to be in these 3 areas by the end of 2016.

We need to hear from you. Let us know which area you would like to see us in first. Below the map you will see the towns/zip codes that fall under each area. We have chosen to grow our routes by zip codes. It is an existing boundary that helps us keep our growth in check. Some routes contain multiple zip codes.

AREA 1: Lancaster 17601

AREA 2: Litiz 17543, East Petersburg 17520

AREA 3: Manheim 17545, Mt. Joy 17552

So how do you cast your vote?

You simply need to fill out our Delivery Application.

When selecting your ‘delivery city’ be sure to select the town that corresponds with your zip code. For example: if your address is East Petersburg…be sure to select the East Petersburg city and NOT Lancaster.

NOTE: All of these ‘delivery cities’ are currently marked as ‘inactive’. Not to worry. They will be activated before deliveries begin.

We will be finalizing our 1st delivery area the week of Monday, August 29th 2016.

Remember, if we don’t begin deliveries to your area in September…our goal is to add you to a route before the end of the year.

NOTE: UPDATE 8/22/16

Manheim, Litiz, and East Petersburg are a definite GO for the first full week in September.

NOTE: UPDATE 8/29/16

On Thursday, September 8th we will begin delivering to the following Lancaster County zip codes:

Manheim 17545

Litiz 17543

East Petersburg 17520

Lancaster 17601

Thanks to everyone from the county that has expressed interest in our service! We hope to be in you neighborhood soon!

Sound's good. Let's go!

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    Picked up weekly and/or daily.

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    Food is sourced from local farms and other food business primaraly from Lancaster, Berks and Chester counties.

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    Weekly deliveries...right to your doorstep!

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