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Buy in bulk and save.

The meat from this animal will be divided up into 8 bundles of meat. A variety pack you might say. You will get ground beef, patties, roasts, steaks, etc. There is a contents list included on the order form below. And because this is new for us, and because we would like to sell this animal quickly and get your feedback…we are adding a few fun promotions for the first 8 people that jump on this.

1. Earn $50 of store credit: prepare a ‘beef meal’, post a picture on the Doorstep Facebook OR Instagram page and give us some feedback.

2. Because it’s a variety pack…we’ll throw in a Reading Soda Works Variety pack of their hand crafted soda pop.

3. And a Doorstep Tee so you can be a walking billboard for us:)

Sound's good. Let's go!

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    Good Food

    Locally raised meats.

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    Good Price

    Buy in bulk and save.

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    Good Times

    Treat yourself and your guests to the best!

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