2017 Spring/Summer CSA Season

We are excited to begin our 6th year of home delivery for CSA items and more!

Every year things change a bit…and this year is no exception. The biggest news is that we have a new farm that will be supplying us with Farm Shares this season! Gooselane Egg Farm in Sinking Spring will be packing veggie boxes for us beginning in May. Gooselane is owned and operated by the Noss family. Casey and Melanie Noss and their 2 kids grow veggies, raise laying and meat chickens, and beef animals. We look forward to possibly offering some of their meat items in the future.

The vegetables included in the Farm Shares are grown using organic methods. Sweet Corn and Melons that are locally sourced are grown using IPM systems.

We will be offering the Farm Share in 2 sizes. The ‘Hen’ and the ‘Rooster’.

In addition to the Farm Share options we will also be offering a Fruit Box this season. One size only.

Most of our fruit is grow by Weaver’s Orchard located in Morgantown. We also source fruit from other local and non-local growers.

Also new for this year is a cheese share option provided by Yellow Springs Farm in Chester Springs, PA.

Yellow Springs is a goat dairy. They produce various cheese and yogurts.

There are 3 - 12 week cheese shares available from Yellow Springs.

A cheese share will give you a chance to try old and new creations by the artisans at Yellow Springs!

Again this year we are offering the Flower Share from Flourish.Flowers located in Goodville, PA.

And that’s it…Veggies, Fruit, Cheese and Flowers!

Build Your Own Box:

When the spring rolls around we plan to offer more produce items via the ‘Last Minute Order Form’. The ‘LMOF’ is included with the Delivery Reminder email you receive the day before your delivery. The form needs to be submitted by noon for items to be included with your delivery the next day. This form could be used as a ‘build your own box’ option. However you only have a few hours to make your selections. Most of these produce items will be sourced from Martin’s Produce…a small Mennonite farm stand just a few miles from our business. Martin’s is a local non-organic farm.

Sound's good. Let's go!

  1. 1

    'HEN' FARM SHARE - Produce

    Will include 5+ items and will be packed in a half bushel size box.Items you can expect to find in your box: Sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, greens, micro greens, various squash, eggplant, onions, garlic and more!

  2. 2

    'ROOSTER' FARM SHARE - Produce

    Will include 8+ items and will be packed in a bushel size box. Items you can expect to find in your box: Sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, greens, micro greens, various squash, eggplant, onions, garlic and more!

  3. 3


    Will include 6-8 pieces per week. Items you can expect to find in your box: Apples, various berries, peaches, citrus, pears, apple cider, cherries, kiwi, grapes, cantaloupe and other melons, plums, and more!

  4. 4


    Will include 3 cheese portions totaling about 12 oz.

  5. 5


    Will include 2 cheeses about 6 oz. each.

  6. 6


    Will include 4 cheese portions. Totaling about 16 oz. This is a nice share if you are splitting a share with someone else.

  7. 7


    Will include 1 fresh cut bouquet of flowers each week.

Some details

A bit more info:

The Spring/Summer season runs for 26 weeks year. Beginning in May and running through the end of October. The Farm and Fruit Shares run every week for the full 26 weeks. The Flower Share is a total of 20 weeks and the Cheese Shares are a total of 12 every-other week deliveries.


In the signup form below you will see the total cost of the share. At signup you will pay for half of the share*. The second half of the share will be broken down into weekly payments. Each week you will be charged. If you skip a week (ie. vacation) you don't pay for that week. If you prefer to pay for the full season up front we can do that too. Just let us know and we'll make it happen.

*Full payment is required at signup for the Cheese Shares.


Signup is not necessary but it can be beneficial! If you don't signup for a share you will be able to order a week here and a week there if you choose.** However the cost per share will be a bit more. If you do signup ahead of time your cost per share is less. If you signup for one of the Farm Shares your weekly delivery fee ($4 for most folks) will be waived for the season...that's a $104 savings right there.

**signup for the Cheese Shares is required. No random orders once the season begins.

More Savings:

If you would like to have multiple shares dropped off at one location let us know. Great option for the workplace!

2017 Spring/Summer CSA Season Form

out my online form.