How does billing work?
Invoices are created every Friday (after your delivery has been made). By default, invoices are emailed to you. You may also choose to have a hard copy snail-mailed. Every Friday your Credit Card or bank account (ACH) will be charged. If you do not have your auto-pay info up to date, your payment will be due 14 days after the invoice is created. If at any time you have questions about your account you can email: Daryl@DoorstepDairy.com OR call: 717-283-4060.
When will my credit/debit card be billed for my purchases?
Credit Cards will be charged every Friday for that week's delivery.
What credit/debit cards does Doorstep Dairy accept?
Visa Debit, Visa Credit, Mastercard Debit, Mastercard Credit and Discover.
If I am paying by cash or check, when do I pay?
Cash* or Check payment is due 14 days after the invoice is created. You can place your payment in your milk box to be picked up or mail your check (do not mail cash) to Doorstep Dairy at PO Box 297 Terre Hill, PA. 17581. *If paying with cash it is helpful to have it in an envelope that includes your name.
How does the ACH payment option work?
An ACH payment is a direct transfer of funds from your bank account (checking or savings) to our bank account. If you choose this payment option, funds will be drawn from your account every Friday for that week's delivery.
Is there a delivery fee?
Free delivery for orders over $80. Orders less than $80 will be charged a $6.95 delivery fee.
How are the glass bottle deposits handled?
| There is a bottle deposit charged for every glass bottle of milk you purchase. There is a credit given for every bottle you return. Glass half gallons are charged $3.00. PLEASE rinse your bottles before returning. We are unable to reuse the plastic caps...please recycle these.


Does Doorstep Dairy guarantee freshness?
| Absolutely. Doorstep Dairy works with local farmers and food businesses. The items you order are delivered to our warehouse, loaded onto our delivery trucks, and dropped off at your doorstep. If you ever receive an item that you are not satisfied with, please let us know.
Describe local products.
Doorstep Dairy sources products from farmers and other food businesses in the Lancaster, Chester, and Berks County areas. You will see some non-local items included in our fruit boxes and farm shares when local items are not available.
What happens to my products if I cancel my delivery?
Most of our items are specially ordered from our farm partners, to fill specific orders. Friday at noon is the order deadline for many of our items. We ask that you have your orders finalized by noon on Friday. We understand that things happen and orders need to be changed for one reason or another sometimes. Please know that if you cancel your delivery after the order deadline…there is a pretty good chance that we already have your items ordered from our supplier and/or ready for delivery. Last-minute cancelations are good for the food bank…but not so good for us. Late cancelations (orders canceled after the order deadline) will be charged a $15 restocking fee and any unused items will be donated to the food bank.


When does my delivery take place?
| We make deliveries on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.* You will be assigned to a delivery day based on your delivery address. You will have the option of 1 delivery per week. Your delivery will be between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM. *Monday and Saturday deliveries are a possibility to work around holidays or snow days. You will be notified.
What is a Delivery Reminder?
You will receive an email as a delivery reminder the day before your scheduled delivery.
Do I need to be home to receive my delivery?
You do not need to be home to receive your delivery. It is your responsibility to provide a cooler for your perishable items. You may also purchase a Doorstep Dairy milk box if you choose.
How will my milk stay cold during warm temps?
We offer bagged ice for purchase. You can also add ice packs to your cooler if you choose. We are also happy to put your items into your garage fridge if you choose.