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Utopihen  Farms

Our pasture raised eggs are the perfect balance of good for the hen, good for the farmer and good for you — in more ways than one.

That’s because our pasture raised hens not only enjoy an outdoor lifestyle with lots of sun and plenty of space to spread their wings (thanks to our industry-surpassing 110 square feet per hen requirement), but they also live on farms that are Certified Humane.

According to the Certified Humane website, “If the carton says ‘Certified Humane’ it means the birds were raised in a manner that meets the certification requirements of Humane Farm Animal Care.” So, if you care about the ethical treatment of hens, our pasture raised eggs are a great choice.

Additionally, our pasture raised hens eat a natural diet of plants and insects out in the fields (along with well-balanced feed) and they never receive antibiotics or hormones.

This combination of diet and lifestyle is what makes our pasture raised hens’ eggs more nutritious — and also less costly. Simply because our farmers don’t need to purchase expensive feed to achieve a healthy egg — a savings which is passed on to you.

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