Grilled Sweet Corn

Grilled Sweet Corn


So this week we picked some of the first ears of Sweet Corn from our garden. For most of my life, sweet corn has been a highlight of summer. A boiling pot of water on the stove with freshly picked corn cooking and a large platter of sliced tomatoes on the table. Condiments always included Mayo and Miracle Whip as there was not full agreement in our family as to which was the best. Of course butter and salt for the corn…and Cheese Whiz. That’s right, my father was a fan of Cheese Whiz on his corn and Miracle Whip on his tomato sandwich.

In addition to consuming meals of corn and tomatoes…we also ‘put up’ corn for the winter. The corn was picked and husked and dropped in boiling pots of water. After the corn was cooled…(I remember one year we used the kiddie pool to cool the corn) we would cut the kernels from the cob. The corn was then scooped into freezer bags and sent to the basement chest freezer for use in the winter.

My first time trying this…

Yesterday we had friends over for a cookout. We did burgers over the campfire grill. Then, we grilled corn. This was the first time I’d ever done this, and it turned out great!

  • Soak corn (with the husk still on) in water for about 1 hour.
  • Place corn on the grill (or directly on hot coals)
  • Turn often
  • Continue cooking until the husk is burnt black
  • Smother with butter (or Cheez Whiz:) and enjoy!

Don’t be afraid of letting it burn a bit.

Wha Laa! If you prefer to have your kernels a bit charrded…just leave it on a bit longer!

Sweet Corn has been added to the menu for the next 2 weeks. We did not plant enough corn in our garden to fill all our Doorstep orders. However, I know someone that did:)

My brother James and his family live and operate the family farm in Morgantown. Known as JANA D Farm. They offer seasonal produce, beef, chicken, eggs, and their own honey! Stop by and stock up. Of course, if you’d like some sweet corn…we’d be happy to bring it to your doorstep:)

The Mast Farm on Best Road in Morgantown, Pa. (aka JANA D Farm)

JANA D produce

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